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tchya!!! [26 Mar 2006|05:31pm]
so the other day, adm was practicing magic tricks in our lair. "pick a card" he said to me, with an invisible deck. i pretend to pull a card for the trick. in my head i am thinking of the three of diamonds. we finish the trick, yada yada yada...
... the very next day... "pick a card" he says to me again, this time with a real deck of cards. i pull a card... and what do i pick??? the three of effin diamonds!!!
if that was enough to prove my psychic abilities, last night while watering my plants, i thought "gee some mac&cheez sure would hit the spot right now." i go down to the kitchen where my roommate is just finishing cooking up a pot of tasty mac&cheez!!!
i'm not even going to bring up the four instances of deja vu i have experienced in the past week... coincidences? i think not. if anyone wants a tarot reading a la moi, the time is now.
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check mate... i wish [20 Mar 2006|07:43pm]
i know that we're not supposed to be happy, really, about income taxes, but i just found out that i am getting every cent of the money that i payed in to the federal government back. i do not know how exactly this happened, however... i have won!!! take that bush regime...
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wake up [15 Mar 2006|08:16pm]
last night i slept for a lifetime... 5:30 at night until 9:00 in the morning. just thinking about that much sleep is making me not want to sleep for the next five days. now that it is night again, i am watching the full(?) moon rise over the detroit cityscape. it is electric. the sun setting and the moon rising on a very productive day. my back hurts, which is awesome, because it is an indicator of how hard i have worked today. i feel enlightened on not only the history of the city, but also the people fueling the future of the city, after tonight.
detroit is strange... when you tell people in other places that you are from michigan (especially detroit) they look at you and say 'ooohh.. i'm sorry.' and when you tell people here you are new to detroit they look at you and say '...what the hell are you doing here??' like, you have to encourage other people to love this city and you have to earn the respect of people who already love this city. it really makes me work hard. i am learning to love it. i love it.
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another day [08 Mar 2006|03:46pm]
who has two thumbs and can slug down jack like what on her birthday? this gal.
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lent [02 Mar 2006|05:50pm]
yesterday was ash wednesday. i'm not religious at all, but i was born on ash wednesday. and my name is ash. my mom says that it isn't on purpose, but how else could it be explained??? before ash wednesday is fat tuesday. and man o man, am i relating to fat tuesday. i have just been gorging myself lately. eating and drinking for hours on end. and when i think that there is no more room, i eat and drink some more, just to make sure. and suddenly there has been an intense influx in my dairy intake... but i'm trying to cut that out because i was really feeling it this morning, and i think that it's making me smell bad... when i was born on ash wednesday, and for several ash wednesdays after that, i was lactose intolerant. i have come full circle...
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vegan slaughter house [23 Feb 2006|11:27am]
the past twenty hours have been quite an experience. let me break it down for you:
4:00pm- hastily pulling out of my mom's driveway, i hit a squirrel. direct hit, head under tire.
4:15pm- after a few minutes of debate and feeling sad, i decide to move it into the yard so that i can try my hand at skinning roadkill.
5:00pm- 4-0s with drew. talk of getting a good knife.
7:30pm- go buy a sweet pirate knife and multitool set at meijers.
9:00pm- more forties and knife sharpening with drew.
11:00pm- go home and ass out after a long day. must get beauty rest for tomorrows adventure.
9:30am- wake up, eat delicious grapefruit and rye toast. mental preparation.
11:00am- let the games begin. the first cut was a little intense. but after i got going... slice slice slice... bam bam bam... skinned squirrel.
11:45am- mental break. to eat the city squirrel, or not to eat??
12:15pm- livejournal update. excitment.
12:20pm- time to go stretch that shit out and cut open the brain so i can tan it. baaaaadaaasssss.
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tasty breakfast reubens [15 Feb 2006|04:41pm]
i have been on a steady diet of sauerkraut lately and it is wicked sweet. at least twice a day i eat the stuff. it must be because i am living in a polish community... sauerkraut seems polish to me. maybe its german. all i know is it is delicious.

i met the chickens at trumble last night and fell in love. i miss hearing the little clucks and coos of those ladies. they also have a ginormous turkey. i was going to give him a pet but then he got all ruffled and fluffed and huge, so i decided against it.

so we went bowling and i snuck a fifth inside via my front left pocket. it made me look like one boob was way insanely larger than the other. thus, i was dubbed nancy reagan... later, this was changed to nancy whiskey when seeing a bar of the same name... then, this got changed again last night to nancy firewater for some ethnic reasons... i don't know how i feel about all of this nick-naming nonsense.
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drop the zero, get with the hero [13 Feb 2006|01:11pm]
cool as ice... so i finally saw this gem of a film yesterday. it was totally awesome, i just wish that the ninja turtles would have made a cameo appearance just as vanilla ice did in their movie. i guess you can't always get what you want, though. i'm about to have john give me the half head brick shave ala ice in the movie. it is a wicked sweet style...

anywho, squatin' the planet. i had no idea that so much was going on in detroit. some seriously active kids here. i can't wait to get into the urban gardening movement here. i've been told that they have chickens and bees at trumbleplex, too. that's totally right up my alley.
the pumpkin house is cold, but now i have a bed, so it's all good in the hood. i'm so stoked that i am finally getting over my social anxiety as well. it's pretty easy, though, when all the people here are so super rad.

went out and had a $2 breakfast yesterday, at a place called the steak hut. name aside, it was definitely awesome to eat breakfast to a live five piece folk band. perfect way to get over a possible hang over.

i've still been practicing my violin, too. there has been a little talk about a bluegrass-metal band possibility, so i can't wait to try an play with some new people.

the joys of being a functional alcoholic.
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roadkill cafe [06 Feb 2006|10:15am]
i was just looking through some pictures of the bike trip of a kid i've met traveling. wow. it is totally amazing how much he loves roadkill. and i mean loves. throughout the album, he and his roaddawg each had skinned and tanned a deer. not to meantion the gophers, squirrels, geese, etc. that they all proudly held up for the camera. it makes me want to love roadkill too. skinning a roadside animal with your bare hands is pretty brutal. and brutally resourceful. damn. i'll just start off with becoming used to the idea of my real favorite thing about roadkill-- the way you just can't help but stare at how slaughtered it is as you pass by it. have you ever tried not looking? impossible.
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n ne e se s sw w nw [03 Feb 2006|05:13pm]
oh man oh man. i just got some possibly life changing (sort of) news. a possible job in south carolina. a friend's shop is looking for a female piercer, and that's exactly what i am. so i guess that i'm going to be leaving the mitten sooner rather than later. sad but not so sad. will i be able to totally give up the road, though? ooof. i'm pulling myself in so many directions...
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i came as dirt and i came as a surprise [02 Feb 2006|12:31am]
i would like to take a minute to some unexpected things that have been, well, orgasmic to me in the past few days...

1. i'm what one might consider to be a bit of a tootbrush connoisseur (even though i may not be spelling that right and i tend to avoid showers like the plague.) therefore, i would like to encourage all of you with a lust for good oral hygeine to check out the reach fresh&clean toothbrush with tongue freshener. new head design, ribbed for your pleasure, soft yet rough. best toothbrush ever...

2. i think that the one thing that would make my head explode would be to have sex while getting a tattoo. i don't know, maybe it's just me. something about watching pecker with the sound off in black&white and listening to some crust music and getting a near boob tattoo from a friend just puts the biggest smile on my face... even if the squat should be called hep city for all the bodywork going on in it...

3. old crow straight bourbon whiskey... even on my day off it gets me going... mmmm ahhhh...
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it's the straight in straightedge that makes me want to drink a beer [28 Jan 2006|11:45am]
i love watching r.e.m. sleep. especially when it is kittens or pups and their little paws are twitching with dream excitment. i also like when adm falls asleep and i can see his eyes moving all crazy looking around under his eyelids. i just lay there, four inches from his face, staring waiting for him to wake back up... once i start thinking if he can feel my eyes, he ususally does and snaps awake real quick and confused. kitten just turns her head under and stretches one paw out really far...
it's weird how you always feel the eyes of cats. one time, i was asleep and i woke up dreaming about a cat staring at me and then i saw my other cat, mr. tiddlebits, sitting in the doorway of my room staring at me with a really sassy face! bali, the horse on the farm in florida would always sppok me, too. at night he would stand by the fence and just stare as i walked to the outhouse in the dark. only his outline was barely visible...

so i decided that i needed to do my own thing away from the group. here i am, back in the mitten. it is totally rad to be around old friends again. the sad news is that my food stamps got canceled. bummer. "who says beggars can't be choosers? homeless hungry and vegan"
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dedicated to sarah v. [19 Jan 2006|03:09pm]
so i'm reading the gypsies and being the gypsies, all at the same time. it's pretty rad. only the rom don't do fortune telling for other rom or themselves, and i love to do that. they think that it is an extention of pent up anxiety and, to a certain extent, greed. this is totally true. i'm as anxious as it gets. i have everything, it seems, but i still want more. i'm feeling really torn and irritable lately. and i keep snapping at my best friend. what to do?

we're in this place called 'the land between the lakes' and i just found out that there is a range of bison herds only a few miles away. i must get there. must.

one thing that gets me right now is whiskey, the major concern of my companions. i love it too, don't get me wrong. but at the same time i see how 'fire water' can really destroy. i'm not really trying to be another native alcoholic bum. and i love who i'm with. the energy is so strong. what to do? dilemma.

anywho, back to sarah v. i saw your dream car yesterday. toyota starlet. check it out.
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a spoonful of peanutbutter [17 Jan 2006|11:27am]
i love being on the coast of huge bodies of water. especially when storms start to roll in. the wind starts hours beforehand and the air is so warm. the only lamp we have burnt out last night so we had all these candles glowing and flickering. it was totally effin sweet. i am also convinced that the area is haunted, too. last night when i went outside, the door opened and then closed itself right after me. it gave me this super spooked feeling and jenna said it was because my soul was chasing after me. eerie shit. not surprising, though, seeing as how the hurricane ripped the shit out of this place... so with all these ghosts and winds and candles, i totally felt the need to dive into my tarot deck, which was cool because i hadn't read for myself since the new year. talk about spooky shit. i've really been digging this native cross spread for personal readings and it's really taking me for a whirl. it's like, do i stay on the present path, or do i go down the alternative path and listen to the chief of pipes? there are lots of things to think about...
anywho, i had a very accomplished day yesterday. i did my first ever home improvement project patching a huge hole in the drywall. all by myself, and it looks not too bad. also, we played really fun dress up where i looked like a foreigner/art teacher, adm looked like my sixth grade english teacher wearing one of those jumper dresses with a floral paterned turtleneck underneath, and j looked like some accountant on safari in either vegas or miami. it was a hoot. today seems like it will be a little less productive, though. the sky is grey and i feel like i need a haircut.
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stanky and yankee [16 Jan 2006|02:02pm]
now that everyone has finished detoxing, it's time to get down to business. i flew through my begining violin book and now i'm ready to move on to some more challenging compositions. i can't wait. today consisted of trying to make some money, waffle house diced, sliced, shroomed, and peppered, patching a hole in the wall, and raking leaves. pretty productive all things considered. to top it all off, esome dudes at the gas station through a handle of doj through my car window at us! booya! it's funny being in the south. there was this thing on the radio this morning about telling your daughter what having a half black boyfriend could mean for your future child. the confederate flag is in mississippi's state flag. everyone knows we're yankees, too. especially at the waffle house. i kinda like pissing people off being all stanky and yankee. heh heh stanky and yankee...
so we went camping last night for our first time in about three monthes. it was baaaad. we had to hike for about a mile and wade through water that was only about forty five degrees. i was rocking a new style i like to call winter on top, summer on the bottom. it's basicly six layers on top and no pants. pretty sexy if i do say so myself...
so we are leaving for tennessee in a coupla days. then it'll be a week of fixing up and decorating a hippie bus. sweeeeet. i'm voting for the bumper sticker that says "we ain't no effin hippies."
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m-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i [14 Jan 2006|11:55am]
remember how easy it was to spell mississippi when you were seven? man, i do. they make it that much easier to find the library here, too, because they put it on dewey lane. as in dewey decimal system! booyah! anywho, i have finally become sober enough (since our arrival here in ocean springs two days ago) to walk to the library and use a computer. it's only noon, but i am sure that the drinking will begin again by the time we get back to our crash pad. it's a good thing that i have been cutting out high fructose corn syrup because i need all the liver strength i can get. the hootenany has begun. and i got a fiddle yesterday to get in on the boot stompin music playin action.
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fess up [08 Jan 2006|06:04pm]
last night the unthinkable happened... it frosted in miami. i don't care though. even as the temperature is dropping right now in the evening, i am not wearing shoes or socks in protest. hopefully i don't wake up with worse sniffles than i already have.

today kind of stunk:
-i had to wake up even earlier than usual
-the satanic barn cat shat on our bed
-someone(s) at all of my soy yogurt and no one is fessing up
-hearing a smashing together of languages is making my schitzophrenic voices speak gerenchspanese

so tonight is hopefully my last night is southern florida. we are just waiting on some mail and then we will be peacing outta here. no more slave labor. no more satan cat. no more waking up with chickens. no more squawking boss. ahhhhhhh. i'm a little nervous, though, because one of the packages i mailed back here had some ganj in it. so i hope that our travel won't be delayed by drug sniffing dogs in the postal service. do they even exist? probably. oh dear. should have thought that one out a little bit before doing it...
so we're leaving this place. heading to mississippi to meet up with some new-old road dawgs and heading west? by train or by vw bus. either way will be sweet. i can't wait for nights of campfires and whiskey and songs and camaraderie. good times. after being in one place for two months, i can't wait to get back out there. be a scavenger. be free.
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i have no sunglasses as i step into the sun [04 Jan 2006|03:15pm]
kalamazoo is a dream world. there are these people that are just always there. they are so always there that it is like they aren't even there, but rather just parts of the scenery. like trees. or maybe more like that story about the mobius loop in which a subway is full of people and they are all stuck on this transport traveling through time and space and they never get off, or even think to get off because they have no idea that they can get off and it is so comfortable just bobbing along inside of a little compartment through the dimensions... that said, i will be sad when the day comes that i return to this town to find that the scenery has changed and the trees have been cut down... thank you, kalamazoo, for the:
·people who rescue me from all the way across the state and drink gin and juice three deep in the back seat
·people who aren't afraid to travel back in time and do things that should have been done years ago
·peradventure connection with a boy whose hair is as dirty as mine and whose clothes have equally as many holes and stains
·psychological disorders, and friends who share them...
let's do it again next year...
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don't call your doctor, don't call your priest... [19 Dec 2005|01:11am]
every couple of weeks i go through this super o.c.d. organizing and preparing and sorting frenzy. it usually keeps me up all night and i just keep sorting and thinking and deciding what i need to do. tonight is one of those times, and it's actually been a while since i have gone through this. i'm just taking a break right now so that i can have a tasty snack... anywho, right now i have a few things going on.
one: i need to figure out what i am going to take home when i go. this involves stuff that i need to take home for storage and fitting that plus christmas gifts for my family and friends into my backpack.
two: i need to see what all will fit into my backpack for traveling without a car. this involves packing bare necessesities and a few extras so that i can carry the weight and so that my pack is only half full so that i may acquire more things on my journeys. then, i must take it all out so that i can fit in things from item one.
three: i need to decide what i must get rid of. this is pretty much self explanitory.
four: i must assist my pack rat boyfriend in leaving things behind so that he doesn't attempt to carry a 75 pound pack across the country because he brings seven paint brushes and ten pounds of studs and four t-shirts. especially because i am only packing two shirts.
it's a very delicate process. a.d.d. also adds to the mess when it is easy for both of us to get distracted by things such as maximum rock n roll issues, sewing pouches, and looking through trinkets. but you probably get a sense of that seeing as how i'm on the computer instead of doing what i'm saying in items one through four. it's about one in the morning. five hours before the chickens and dogs are awake... it's gonna be a long night...
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meat group! [16 Dec 2005|12:58pm]
i love when really sweet things just happen. like when i'm walking around in circles for an hour chanting "bored bored bored bored...." and then i walk outside to find six super sweet kids appear like magic fairies out of nowhere. and then they whisper sweet nothings like "we brought some special treats for ya'll..." which turn out to be ooey gooey thc-laced vegan brownie sludgcicles. mmmmm sludgcicles... and i'm all like "heady" because i haven't caught a buzz in about three weeks...
so the farm is sort of starting to look better than it has been. a little less boring with some newfound friends who are living in miami. there was talk of future hanging out, an earth first ralley and festivities, and a bag of sludge as a gift left behind. just what we needed. now maybe it won't be so difficult to get back on the plane to come back to this place after the holidays. hopefully.
*ding* meat group.
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